Don’t be Fooled By ‘Low Fat’

Are you (or did you used to be) one of those shoppers who would look at a product label to see how many calories and how much fat it contained?  Don’t be shy, I was one of them, and who can really blame us when all we are bombarded with in the media is ‘low fat diet’, and ‘low calorie diet’, we think we are making smart choices. Here’s the truth:



LOW FAT (usually) = HIGH SUGAR

Next time you pick up a product declaring it is ‘Low Fat’; flip it over and check out the ingredients and nutritional information for sugar (simple carbohydrate) content, look a little high… or is sugar one of the first 3 ingredients listed?  Major food corporations have been using this trick for a while, upping sugar content to make a product more ‘palatable’ and also more addictive (can you stop at just one piece of candy?)  Let’s face it; do you seriously think these corporations care about your health?  They exist for one reason, and one reason only, TO MAKE MONEY.


Mother nature would not supply us with foods we had to cut down, or mechanically/ chemically modify so it is good for us to eat. Foods naturally containing ‘large’ amounts of fat are good for you. Fats from the earth i.e. Avocadoes, nuts, seeds, wild or grass fed meats provide essential Omega fatty acids and are import and for our bodies function and repair. Omega fats also aid in preventing spikes in your insulin levels, keeping that blood sugar nice and stable. These fats are termed essential because YOUR BODY CAN’T MAKE THEM SO YOU MUST GET THEM FROM YOUR DIET!

The Low Fat craze began in the early 90′s and has subsequently lowered our consumption of saturated fats, and is some ways this is good.  BUT, when you take something out of a food it is usually replaced by something else… carbohydrates.  We are now consuming enormous amounts of carbohydrates; whilst avoiding all the essential fats that we need in order to be healthy.

Fat also helps with the feeling of satiety (makes you feel full), simple carbohydrates do not, they actually do the opposite; and they cause huge spikes in insulin, promoting your body’s deposition of fat.


The message to take away, and trust me there will be more on fats to come.



Next post will be about wheat and breads, how that ‘healthy sandwich’ is increasing your waistline.

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