O-love meatballs

I hope you got the joke… Olive… I love…. anyway, moving on.  You could say I was going through a phase of making meat balls with other stuff in them.  There have been no complaints from the other half so I must be doing things right.  This is a delicious meatball you could serve how I have on salad or you could put with a tomato sauce and serve with spaghetti squash, my no pasta pasta or even just eat them as snacks.


1lb extra lean ground beef

1 sweet red banana pepper very finely diced

3 tbs sweet onion very finely diced

1tbs minced garlic

1tbs Italian seaoning

salt and pepper

12 garlic stuffed olives

coconut oil for frying



mix everything together, make balls and press an olive in the balls.  Place in fry pan with coconut oil and cook all the way through.



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