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I use a lot of different resources for inspiration for my recipes, some are from hard copy cookbooks and some are e-book cookbooks.  I also search the web, just like you are right now to get ideas and find recipes.  I can’t tell you how much time I have wasted searching one phrase like ‘paleo pie crust’ only to end up making my own, as you saw with yesterdays post, this is usually because the recipe’s weren’t quite right or I wasn’t sure if the recipe actually worked.  It is always comforting to have a personal perspective with real comments on how a recipe turned out, what the person would have modified or will change the next time they make a certain dish.

My go to e-book and one I am relishing right now is The Paleo Cookbook.  I really like eating things other than meat and veg occasionally, you can put it down to my ADHD and needing change to keep things interesting.  This book has two huge sections on ‘desserts’ and they are not laden with sweeteners like many other Paleo Cookbooks out there trying to imitate traditional desserts.  I especially love the avocado mint sorbet, wonderful combination and so deliciously fresh! There are over 370 recipes and you even get a meal planer, what could be easier to motivate you than that!

There is another great e-cookbook you can find listed in my “Getting Started to the Paleo Diet” guide, more delicious recipes and this one has some really nice photos too.

I must say that my two all time favorite hard copy cookbooks (these are not entirely Paleo but are wonderful inspiration for how they mix flavors together) are Whitewater Cooks and Gourmet Nutrition from Precision Nutrition.  You can tell I have used these books numerous times as the pages stick together and they look well loved…

Whitewater Cooks have 2 amazing cookbooks and put all my photo’s to shame (not hard to do).  The recipes in them are delicious and many are easily modified for the Paleo conscious cook. There are many that make use of evil white flour so if you are too easily tempted maybe go for the next book.

Gourmet Nutrition has been my go to food bible for about a year now.  When I started to change my diet seriously and really take a closer look at just what I was putting in my mouth and how it associated with being an athlete, this was the book that changed everything.  Along with the Precision Nutrition System, Gourmet Nutrition teaches you about nutrient timing and how to design a meal using your personal requirements of the 3 major macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) and when percentages of each should be modified to get the most out of your performance.  The book is co-authored by Michael Willams who has extensively studied Paleolithic and Neolithic archaeology and has a profound interest in Paleo-nutrition.  There is quite a substantial inclusion of dairy (in the form of yoghurt and cottage cheese) within the ‘shake’ section but anywhere else it is used sparingly.

It is difficult sometimes to stay focused on a diet like the Paleo Diet, especially if you are new to it, temptation is around every corner and don’t even try to eat out and stick to your rules, it is almost impossible.  Your best chance of success is to arm yourself with resources so that when you are doing your grocery shopping or eating out you are able to make wise decisions and not ones you will regret later.

Please tell me your favorite Paleo resource, cookbook, e-book or website.

Happy Eating!

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