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This is a tough subject.  Depending on who you talk to in the Paleo world, you will likely be told many different things including “all sweeteners are a NO”.  If you are new to Paleo and struggling to find ways to stick to your new plan then I don’t think adding a little ‘natural’ sweetness to your diet is going to be a bad thing, especially if it keeps you on track.  With that said, like anything sweet, use it in extreme moderation!  Below is a list of natural sweeteners I use and would consider them somewhat ‘Paleo’ if we are taking the broad sense of Modern Paleo.

Honey (go local and natural)
Maple Syrup (all natural unadulterated… no Aunt Jamima’s!)
Palm Sugar (found in a few of my recipes this is a great dry sweetener that is made by drying out the sap from the coconut palm plant)
Stevia (leaf form rather than the powder, I own the powder and use it occasionally)
Fruit (you can concentrate the juices yourself and puree a bunch for use in baking)

I think the basic guideline is NATURAL.  Avoid highly processed and refined sweeteners and definitely nothing artificial.  My sweetener of choice is definitely palm sugar, I buy it in bulk at my local bulk barn.  Remember that just because there are some Paleo approved sweeteners, this does not mean you can go overboard and start throwing sugar back into everything.  Sugar is still sugar and if you need a little reminding of how bad it is watch this again.

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  1. Thank you for the list of sweeteners :D

    Of course we should use them in moderation!

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