Yam Smashbrown Breakfast

This is the staple breakfast around our house.  Not only is it delicious but it is also visually appealing.  Follow my cooking steps below for the perfect poached egg too.


2 free range eggs
1 small yam or sweet potato cut into 1″slices
1/2 red pepper diced
1/8C sweet onion diced
2 mushrooms sliced
1 handful baby spinach
2 strips of bacon chopped
1tsp white vinegar (for the poached eggs)



Put your yam in the microwave and heat on high for about 4min, or until soft.  Squish the yam slices skin side down.  Dust the yam with cinnamon, salt and pepper.

Fill a small pan (omelett pan works best) with water and bring to a soft boil, add a dash of white vinegar.  This is for cooking your eggs, they only take about 2min for a soft poach and 3min for med.  Make sure you have everything else ready to go before cooking the eggs.

While the water is heating fry up the bacon in a skillet.  Remove from the pan and add the yams, brown on both sides.  Set aside.  Add all remaining vegetables and the cooked bacon to the skillet, there should be enough grease in the pan but if not, use a touch of coconut oil.  Season to taste.  When almost cooked, crack your eggs gently into the boiling water.

Plate up your vegetables, yams on the bottom.  To know if the eggs are done you can shift your pan slightly, careful not to splash the water and see if the whites giggle.  There should be a small movement for a soft poach but no movement for a med poach or hard poach.

Put your eggs on top and serve up!!



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  1. Frederick says:

    Yams are not paleo, so I don’t know why this is on here..

    • Best Paleo says:

      Hey Frederick, Yams, like fruit are considered Paleo (According to guru’s such as Robb Wolf) but consumed in moderation of course.

      For the average Paleo dieter who is not doing high intensity exercise I would severely restrict the consumption of any high carbohydrate food. However, if you are an athlete of someone who trains frequently, eating yams during a post workout window is a perfect way of replenishing stores of glycogen under a Paleo friendly umbrella.

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