My name is Erica and I started this blog in part to educate myself about the Paleo Diet and as a way to help educate my friends and clients.  I was constantly researching articles on fitness and nutrition and instead of just having them saved in a folder on my computer or bookmarked, I decided to start this blog and post what I found interesting and relevant to the topic of Paleo. Not only is it a great platform for my clients and I to discuss our ideas but share with each other our ever growing wealth of knowledge.


My Background:

I have been active in the fitness industry for over 4years (I say 4 years as this is how long I have been getting ‘paid’ in some way, but in reality it has been much longer).  I have a BSc with majors in Anatomy and Neurophysiology from the University of Melbourne, Australia; and have studied the way the human body works mechanically, physiologically and neurologically for a long long time, call it a passion…

I am a coach at CrossFit North Okanagan, and I coach an outdoor Boot Camp. I have many years of fitness and nutritional coaching and all my clients obtain excellent results.  It is a pure joy to see someone gain control over their life through proper eating and exercise.

Personally, I believe to be an effective trainer you must constantly educate yourself in your field and vary your training practice.  I use myself as a guinea pig frequently for new training methods, nutritional supplementation (only natural products, I do not believe in artificial supplementation or ‘diet’ pills) and recovery methods.  Those that work I will share with abundance and those that do not I will caution against.


I began doing CrossFit in January 2011 after having tried a class back in December 2010.  I was on a trip back to Australia to visit family for 6weeks and wanted to join a group to workout with.  I too, like most of my clients, need a group atmosphere to work out in and push myself harder, so I joined Schwartz’s CrossFit in Melbourne and got addicted.  I loved the focus on technique and that progression in weight, especially for Olympic style lifting, was my reward for good form.  I also loved how uncomplicated the movements were and that I was competing against myself!  The environment was supportive and everyone present at a class was THERE, READY, and EXCITED!  When I got back to Canada I joined my local CrossFit straight away and now plan on competing in the 2012 Games (I have a lot to learn). Recently my boyfriend and I opened up our own affiliate CrossFit North Okanagan.


Paleo is a very big undertone to CrossFit and ultimately spurred my enthusiasm towards this type of ‘diet’.  Whilst there are many ideas as to what really constitutes Paleo and what are acceptable foods, I take a more relaxed approach.  If I can hunt or gather it in this current season, yes taking into account modern domestication of ‘wild’ animals, it will go on my plate!  The proportions of foods in the Paleolithic diet are key to me.  The majority of my food is lean meats and vegetables, only small amounts of dairy (which I am trying to switch over to mainly Goat dairy).  Being Paleo, to me, does not mean you can not take part in modern conveniences such as canned coconut milk or ground beef, I like to think of these things as what my neanderthal neighbor made for me and something I would trade them some fresh berries or vegetables I had gathered.

Basically, I choose as organically as I can (if money was not a factor everything in my house would be organic LOCAL produce) and avoid products that have been mechanically or chemically modified.


Contact me with any questions or comments below or at info@bestpaleorecipes.com THANKS!!!


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This book has been instrumental in getting my energy levels back with training. Whilst this is not Paleo, many of the principals can be adapted and still follow a very clean Paleo diet. Read my post on Paleo and Carb Back-loading HERE

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