21 Day Sugar Detox – Get on it!


Regionals are over and I’m ready to do a little sugar detoxing.  With how much training I had been doing I had to ‘Dirty’ things up a little and add in quite a lot of white rice and oatmeal.  Why, you may ask?  Easy… Yams just don’t cut it in caloric density and I don’t [...]

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Carb Backloading and Paleo


If  any of you listen to Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution podcast you may have already looked into Carb Back-loading (episode 160).  I have always been interested in performance nutrition and being able to sustain my energy during particularly grueling WODs, in recent times my energy levels have been extremely low and honestly this has all [...]

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Robb Wolf e-book

Robb Wolf e-book

I just found out Paleo Guru Robb Wolf has released an e-book. Titled “Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation” is a 60-page, new, interactive multimedia guide from the author of The Paleo Solution: The original human diet and all around great guy. I’ve attended one of his seminars last time he was in Vancouver and [...]

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Where does Coffee Chocolate and Alcohol fit with a Paleo Diet?


If you are looking for the simple answer as to whether any of these three are Paleo, then NO, you can stop reading now.  Chocolate, coffee and alcohol are pure cheats that are often enjoyed by people following a Paleo diet, the real question you should be asking is whether they are healthy for you?  [...]

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Paleo Sweeteners

coconut palm sugar

This is a tough subject.  Depending on who you talk to in the Paleo world, you will likely be told many different things including “all sweeteners are a NO”.  If you are new to Paleo and struggling to find ways to stick to your new plan then I don’t think adding a little ‘natural’ sweetness [...]

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Progressing to Paleo

retrospective Caveman

I often get asked what’s the best way to start a Paleo diet?  I usually answer back with a barrage of questions to find out what type of person I am dealing with, more importantly what type of diet this person will be changing from, because as you may well know, a strict Paleo diet [...]

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The simple truth about FOOD!


You can’t beat nature! A Paleo diet is well balanced in both animal protein and vegetables.  Everything you find on the approved list has one ingredient.. itself.  There is nothing processed or chemical ridden.  In fact the majority of the products you will find at your local supermarket will all have red flags. Always be [...]

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Wheat addiction and Morphine


This short video was posted on our CrossFit website the other day.  I think those of us in the Paleo community realize the danger of wheat and gluten but we learn more each day about just how bad it really is and the associated health issues.

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Importance of internal pH


  I notice that when most people start their Paleo Diet they get hung up on the amount of protein they should be eating and generally make it their focus.  ‘I must get at least 1gram per lb of body weight a day’.  While that is all good and yes it is a commonly accepted [...]

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What I’m reading/trying

This book has been instrumental in getting my energy levels back with training. Whilst this is not Paleo, many of the principals can be adapted and still follow a very clean Paleo diet. Read my post on Paleo and Carb Back-loading HERE

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All the recipes you see on my site are made up by me, unless otherwise stated. I love to experiment in the kitchen and as you can see my photo's are not all fancy, they are usually taken with my phone just as I am about to dish up. These are real tried and true recipes that work, if they didn't I wouldn't post it. I hope you enjoy my cooking as much as I do.

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