Is Bread making you FAT?


Bread, bread, bread, bread, bread…. It’s everywhere! Every main shopping district, transport hub and educational facility is saturated with sandwich shops and pastry houses. It is no wonder we have turned into a carbohydrate crazed nation where many a breakfast consists of a coffee with toast and jam, followed by a sandwich for lunch and [...]

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Don’t be Fooled By ‘Low Fat’


Are you (or did you used to be) one of those shoppers who would look at a product label to see how many calories and how much fat it contained?  Don’t be shy, I was one of them, and who can really blame us when all we are bombarded with in the media is ‘low [...]

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‘Stone Age Diet’ Good for People with Diabetes (2007 Study)


If you have watched the video “Sugar the Bitter Truth” (you can find it on this Blog HERE) the following article should be of no great surprise. I found this on ScienceDaily (June 28, 2007) a while ago and only saw it again yesterday when I was sorting through some of my bookmarks for article [...]

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Are Carbs more Addictive than Cocaine

Carb Addiction

My Crossfit Coach sent me a link to this one today and I thought I would pass along the article for you all to enjoy.  Brings up some very interesting points and really is quite scary when you realize what the prevalence of Carbs have been doing to modern man.  The case for Paleolithic Diets [...]

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Sugar… Fructose… Glucose


This YouTube Video has been around for some time but I’m amazed at how many people have not yet watched it.  Yes it is long, but if you want to stop shortening your life, and start understanding what that white granular, actually… that sweet clear syrup is doing to your health, MAKE THE TIME!!!! There [...]

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Fruits And Vegetables


It is not always easy to determine which foods can be eaten on the paleo diet. For the die hard followers of the diet, the rule is to eat only foods that our ancestors had at their disposal, however, we now have a larger advantage than our ancestors in that we have the ability to consume a greater variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables and use them to create a nutritionally rich diet. It is important to note, however, that starchy tubers, usually not recommended for inclusion in the paleo diet, are toxic if not cooked, have a high glycemic index, are low in phytosterols, while also containing enzyme blockers [...]

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Food For Man!


Agriculture has made far more radical changes to the way we eat today, but our genes are have not introduced these changes so quickly. Our bodies are still in the “high-protein, low carbohydrate mode” adopted by our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This means that we are not genetically equipped to deal with the high carbohydrate, low-protein diet of [...]

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