Slow Cooker Elk Marbella


This is freekin’ awesome!!!! I was getting really sick of doing pulled elk or pulled deer in the slow cooker and had been thinking about turning Chicken Marbella into Elk Marbella.  Wow!!! The richness of the beautiful elk marries the figs and olives perfectly.  You have to give this a try, If you don’t hunt [...]

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Pork schnitzel burgers


My Mum used to make Pork Schnitzel when I was a kid and after I got off the phone with her the other day I had a desire to have a little home cooking.  Traditionally the schnitzel would be crumbed with stale bread crumbs but this is crumbed in a delicious mixture of paleo goodness!

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Quick Greek Salad


In many of my meat recipes you will see a Greek salad accompanying the food.  This is our go to side and when you eat it you will know why.  It has so many great vegetables in it and is packed full of good fats, sometimes I’ll make a huge one at lunch and we [...]

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Gussied up Viking Hash

Sorry about the photo, my red plates sometimes don't do the food justice.

The original Viking Hash is a couple pounds of bacon fried up with some onions and grated yams. My version is a little less taxing on the heart but just as delicious, plus there are many more vegetables to balance out all the delicious cured pork goodness.

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Pork with BBQ Pinapple


If there were ever a protein and fruit that were made for each other it would have to be pork and pineapple.  The mild flavor of the pork compliments the wildly delicious sweet and tart flavor of the pineapple, throw in the grill of the BBQ and you have yourself one amazingly beautiful and tasty [...]

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Energy Balls


Sometimes we need a little ball of goodness to keep our energy stores up during the day.  I make a batch of these about once a week and keep them for “on the go” snacks.  This is a recipe I will be including in my upcoming “Paleo for the Athlete” section, keep an out for [...]

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Yam Smashbrown Breakfast

paleo breakfast

This is the staple breakfast around our house.  Not only is it delicious but it is also visually appealing.  Follow my cooking steps below for the perfect poached egg too.

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Avocado Pudding

Paleo Avocado Pudding

Just do it!  Don’t think about the avocado other than the texture of it, all these flavors balance so well that you don’t even know you are eating avocado.  I’ve put the base pudding ingredients at the top and the variations below.

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New Paleo Pancakes

Paleo pancakes

I realized the other day I only had my first recipe up for pancakes and I have made them several times since, and much much better.  Here are a couple of photos I found on my phone that I took way back when our gym was doing its biannual Paleo challenge. There is some baking [...]

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All the recipes you see on my site are made up by me, unless otherwise stated. I love to experiment in the kitchen and as you can see my photo's are not all fancy, they are usually taken with my phone just as I am about to dish up. These are real tried and true recipes that work, if they didn't I wouldn't post it. I hope you enjoy my cooking as much as I do.

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