Garlic Pepper Marinaded Deer Steaks


First things first, if you don’t have deer, obviously use any other red meat.  We hunt in the fall and so our freezer if full of our bounty, having beef is kind of a treat for us.  We all know that Paleo meals are basically just combinations of meat and vegetables, but sometimes we get [...]

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Paleo Hot Chocolate

dairy free hot chocolate

Ok, so before you all go sending me e-mails about how chocolate is not Paleo, I know it technically doesn’t fit the code, but honestly we all need a little warm cocoa love occasionally and this recipe will deliver that to you with a big warm hug! Plus there are no nasty ingredients in this [...]

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Paleo Blueberry Apple Pie

Paleo Blueberry Pie

Such a novel idea.  I found this recipe on another site but played around with it a little and whilst my photos are of a pie, the best was when i actually made them into individual sized pies you could hold in your hands, like the apple pies from (apologies for mentioning them at all) [...]

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Best Squash Soup Ever!

Paleo pumpkin soup

Ok, I’ve made this twice now in 2 days and I am really sad that there is now none left in my fridge.  I’ll be sure to make a huge batch so I can freeze some for this winter… who am I kidding food does not survive long around the two of us.  Here it [...]

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Paleo Pumpkin Pie


Just in time for thanksgiving here in Canada!  I was stressing a little about going to the in-laws for thanksgiving and having all the wonderful baked goods around me, you know the ones that tempt the little fat kid inside all of us.  I had been looking at several recipes but everyone had issues with [...]

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Paleo Pancakes


I must say this turned out way better than I though it would especially since I thought it up today and I’m really stoked on my first shot!  I would often eat protein pancakes post workout made of oats, cottage cheese, egg whites and protein powder but since going strict paleo, dairy and grains are [...]

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Peach coconut custard


If you are looking for a little desert or something different for breakfast here is a great recipe for custard.  I would recommend making this in advance as the cooking time is long but well worth it.

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Thai Coconut Prawns


So once again we have started our Paleo challenge at CrossFit Vernon and I’m on another mission to come up with delicious recipes that will tantalize our taste buds.  Last night I dreamed up this concoction and I am so very proud of myself.  It really is to die for and delicious. 

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O-love meatballs


I hope you got the joke… Olive… I love…. anyway, moving on.  You could say I was going through a phase of making meat balls with other stuff in them.  There have been no complaints from the other half so I must be doing things right. 

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