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Here at Best Paleo Recipes we love feedback.  Tell me what you would like to see or even a recipe you have been searching for and can not find.  I am always experimenting in the kitchen and most of the recipes you find on my site are ones I have designed myself.  I do own copies of many of the popular paleo cookbooks and I own the two e-books I reference in my site. I mainly use these as a guide to dishes and often do not follow them word for word.

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  1. You’ve got great insights about Paleo cookbook, keep up the good work!

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This book has been instrumental in getting my energy levels back with training. Whilst this is not Paleo, many of the principals can be adapted and still follow a very clean Paleo diet. Read my post on Paleo and Carb Back-loading HERE

About the Recipes

All the recipes you see on my site are made up by me, unless otherwise stated. I love to experiment in the kitchen and as you can see my photo's are not all fancy, they are usually taken with my phone just as I am about to dish up. These are real tried and true recipes that work, if they didn't I wouldn't post it. I hope you enjoy my cooking as much as I do.

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