Getting Started with Paleo

The Paleo Diet Progression:

When deciding to follow any new eating plan or regime its important to keep Focus and Plan ahead.  Depending on what you were eating like before will drastically effect how you should make changes to your diet now to give yourself the best chance of success.  If following the Paleo Diet is basically going to change everything about the way you are eating start by making small changes like omitting refined sugars, bread, pasta and grains slowly over a 4 week period.  There is no point jumping straight into it only to crash and burn a week later.

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Paleo Diet STEP 1:

Get some Resources:

There are several books and e-books out there that give you the run down on what the Paleo Diet is all about and how to start.  I highly recommend picking up a couple of these.  Information is KEY to success and the more informed you are the better the choices you will make.

Paleo Diet Start Here:

Paleo guide:

Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Transformation is a great place to begin if you are new to the Paleo way.  He provides a great meal plan with shopping list, key to set yourself up for success.  Robb is a former Biochemist and a wealth of knowledge, also an awesome guy, just go to one of his seminars.

You can check it out HERE


Paleo Diet Food:

The Paleo Cookbook is an e-book I purchased when I started getting serious about changing my diet.  It has been indispensable to me and honestly is my favorite resource fore Paleo Diet recipes.  Nikki has developed 310 delicious recipes and includes a 60 day meal plan so you don’t have to think about what to cook, and being an e-book, it follows me everywhere even on my phone. You can download a FREE copy of her herbs and spices guide too, key to making tasty food!

The recipes are versatile and don’t require a lot of skill and are really tailored to the modern paleo diet (i.e. she include foods like bacon and yams) The only negative I have is the meal plans only have one snack ‘option’ a day, but honestly, I’m picking hard…

For more info click HERE or on the image above.

The Paleo Recipe Book is another great e-book for Paleo Diet Recipes. There are over 370 tasty treats to make and most of the recipes have a color photo to whet your appetite.

Sébastien provides you with an 8 week meal plan too and a very hand guide to using herbs and spices, a must in any kitchen.


Check out the full details HERE or click the image above.

There are many other wonderful Paleo Diet Cookbooks out there, those I have resourced can be found in my STORE Category: Paleo Recipes

Paleo Diet Texts:

The Paleo Solution: Robb Wolf; is my first recommendation for a paleo oriented text.  Wolf dumbs down the scientific data so that anyone can understand it, some people may find this a little trite but all in all these books are written for the masses and the masses are not scientists.  You will find it hard to put his book down as Wolf’s enthusiasm for the Paleo Diet is very contagious.  If you find yourself still questioning whether or not Paleo is the way then I doubt another book will convince you otherwise.

Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews


The Paleo Diet: Dr Loren Cordain is probably the most popular book on the market.  Cordain gives you a good understanding of what our paleolithic ancestors were eating and he concentrates on adapting these ways to modern life.  Cordain also goes in depth about how twenty-first century disease like Diabetes, Crohns and Cardiovascular Disease are a direct product of our departure from our genetically idealistic ancestral diet.

Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews


NeanderThin: Ray Audette, arguably the ‘original and the best’ text on this topic out there.  It was written back in 1999 but I am sure if you have searched the internet as much as I have on the Paleo Diet you will see this title referenced frequently.  Audette’s personal journey is inspiring and his history of nutrition is fascinating. Even back in 1999 he cites modern diets as the cause for for obesity, arthritis and other diseases.


Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews

There are several more texts on the Paleo Diet and related fields. I have listed many of those I have read in my  STORE, Category: Paleo Resources.


Paleo Diet STEP 2:

Read Them!!! So simple I know. Don’t just read them and put them in your bookshelf, absorb the information and start putting into practice the main principles.  Make a commitment to yourself and Start Today! By having some of the tools I have listed above your chance of success will be greatly increased.  You could spend hours searching on the web for new recipes or information or you could spend a little money and have it all at your fingertips. (nothing above is expensive and nor should it be, even Neanderthin which is the most expensive listing is a Text Book, thick and full of information)

Look through your meal plans and write out a Grocery list, list everything major, even if you think it is already in your kitchen.  THEN go through your pantry and fridge and GET RID OF THE CRAP!!! Check off the items you already have and go shopping. Oh but before you go shopping, eat something, it will prevent you from making impulse buys and putting back the crap you just threw out.


Paleo Diet STEP 3:

Start eating you way to a leaner disease free body.  Keep a Journal of what you are eating and how your mood is.  I did this for about the first 2months, sometimes it seems a little weird and obsessive to write down everything but it really helped keep me on track and also helped me understand how my nutrition was affecting my moods and overall feeling of health.  Expect some lows in the beginning as your body detoxes off gluten and dairy, and remember you don’t have to make all the changes in one go.  Progress over a slow time period and see where the Paleo Diet Lifestyle fits with you.  I still eat a little dairy here and there and yes I will eat some cake at a birthday party, cheesecake or chocolate cake for me.

Remember, it is all about getting informed and making smart decisions.  By understanding what we are putting into our bodies we gain power over our nutrition. START NOW!





  1. Margaret B. says:

    This is the companion to the Paleo Diet. I highly, highly recommend this. There are some great recipes. My favorite are the “taco’s” – delicious filling put into a romaine lettuce leave and eaten like a taco! My son wants those everyday! Great book!! -MB

  2. I love your fantastic web site. Just what I was searching for!
    Best regards, Ron

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