paleo breakfast
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Yam Smashbrown Breakfast

This is the staple breakfast around our house.  Not only is it delicious but it is also visually appealing.  Follow my cooking steps below for the perfect poached egg too.

February 15, 2012 2
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Where does Coffee Chocolate and Alcohol fit with a Paleo Diet?

If you are looking for the simple answer as to whether any of these three are Paleo, then NO, you can stop reading now.  Chocolate, coffee and alcohol are pure cheats that are often enjoyed by people following a Paleo diet, the real question you should be asking is whether they are healthy for you?  [...]

January 21, 2012 0
coconut palm sugar
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Paleo Sweeteners

This is a tough subject.  Depending on who you talk to in the Paleo world, you will likely be told many different things including “all sweeteners are a NO”.  If you are new to Paleo and struggling to find ways to stick to your new plan then I don’t think adding a little ‘natural’ sweetness [...]

January 20, 2012 1
Paleo Avocado Pudding
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Avocado Pudding

Just do it!  Don’t think about the avocado other than the texture of it, all these flavors balance so well that you don’t even know you are eating avocado.  I’ve put the base pudding ingredients at the top and the variations below.

January 20, 2012 0
Paleo pancakes
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New Paleo Pancakes

I realized the other day I only had my first recipe up for pancakes and I have made them several times since, and much much better.  Here are a couple of photos I found on my phone that I took way back when our gym was doing its biannual Paleo challenge. There is some baking [...]

January 12, 2012 1
retrospective Caveman
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Progressing to Paleo

I often get asked what’s the best way to start a Paleo diet?  I usually answer back with a barrage of questions to find out what type of person I am dealing with, more importantly what type of diet this person will be changing from, because as you may well know, a strict Paleo diet [...]

January 10, 2012 0
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Garlic Pepper Marinaded Deer Steaks

First things first, if you don’t have deer, obviously use any other red meat.  We hunt in the fall and so our freezer if full of our bounty, having beef is kind of a treat for us.  We all know that Paleo meals are basically just combinations of meat and vegetables, but sometimes we get [...]

January 10, 2012 0
dairy free hot chocolate
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Paleo Hot Chocolate

Ok, so before you all go sending me e-mails about how chocolate is not Paleo, I know it technically doesn’t fit the code, but honestly we all need a little warm cocoa love occasionally and this recipe will deliver that to you with a big warm hug! Plus there are no nasty ingredients in this [...]

January 9, 2012 0
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The simple truth about FOOD!

You can’t beat nature! A Paleo diet is well balanced in both animal protein and vegetables.  Everything you find on the approved list has one ingredient.. itself.  There is nothing processed or chemical ridden.  In fact the majority of the products you will find at your local supermarket will all have red flags. Always be [...]

January 3, 2012 1
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This book has been instrumental in getting my energy levels back with training. Whilst this is not Paleo, many of the principals can be adapted and still follow a very clean Paleo diet. Read my post on Paleo and Carb Back-loading HERE

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All the recipes you see on my site are made up by me, unless otherwise stated. I love to experiment in the kitchen and as you can see my photo's are not all fancy, they are usually taken with my phone just as I am about to dish up. These are real tried and true recipes that work, if they didn't I wouldn't post it. I hope you enjoy my cooking as much as I do.

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